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Caffè Nero has over 600 stores globally with more than 4,000 employees. Caffè Nero has been part of the coffee culture revolution and has helped to raise the bar on the coffee quality available to consumers through the introduction of hand-crafted artisan coffee in hundreds of towns and cities. Through this, Caffè Nero has become one of the best recognised and most admired coffee house brands in the world.

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Caffé Nero is a long term Client of Dataquest. Their growth in the market is reflected by a steady increase in the need for print. Dataquest wanted to be proactive in helping Caffé Nero to gain visibility of print behaviour and manage output volumes. Colour printing is ten times the cost of mono output. Colour is therefore most important area to monitor (and control if necessary.)


Dataquest deployed the fleet of Ricoh multifunctionaldevices into Caffé Nero. The placement and configuration of these units puts high volume devices where needed and makes colour available onlywhere essential.

Dataquest worked with Caffé Nero to preconfigure the devices to make them environmentally and economically efficient, without reducing user productivity. The upgrade of equipment also included a managed print solution to monitor usage and help plan around any future changes in print behaviour.


Printing trends are monitored by Dataquest via our Managed Print Service. This allows Dataquest to benchmark and deliver key in- formation back to Caffé Nero. From our analysis we can provide suggestions for improvement and load balancing. With Dataquest managing the reporting system there is no extra workload on Caffé Nero’s technical team.

The strategic configuration employed by Caffé Nero means that colour volume is less than 13% of their total print volume. In comparison, this is about a third of the typical colour output volume by companies that have no active print strategy.

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