Our Partnership With a Nationwide Charity

August 14, 2017

The Issue

As with all charities, every penny counts, so when the Dataquest team saw that we can significantly reduce the expenditure of this national charity, we offered a free consultation to show what the benefits of having us as a partner will be. This involved moving their printing away from expensive desktop devices, delivering a managed print solution that would help them drive down the cost of ongoing office document production, as well as eliminating unnecessary/wasteful print.

Dataquest’s Solution

After the consultation, we delivered next generation multifunctional devices together with a server based print management system. Another aim was to make it simple and intuitive for employees to print and collect their work by releasing it from the front panel of any available multifunctional device. Print jobs that are not released get automatically deleted overnight. The system also supplies very robust reporting and print restriction tools. This allows the charity and us to work together to identify and control unwanted changes in print behaviour going forward.

Our Partnership

During the first 6 months, the system removed uncollected prints. This alone has reduced the total print volume by over 15%. Projected over the term of the multifunctional devices, this reduction will itself save print output costs exceeding £ 17,500!

In addition to reducing print volume, the system has other equally important benefits including reducing paper wastage by over 50 boxes per annum, lowering energy usage, load balancing, improved reliability and providing more robust security.