CloudMas is over and for the new year Dataquest Group offered me…

January 21, 2021

A great Cloud offering and prizes for our game winners

The new year has unfortunately started in similar vein to how we left the last, but the vaccine rollout offers hope that a return to some semblance of normality is just around the corner.

We hope you had a good festive break and have returned to work with a renewed optimism, to say nothing of your knowledge of our Cloud offering, if you followed our CloudMas campaign. Fun wasn’t it!

We’ll get to the Prize winners in a minute, but first a quick recap of the full twelve days of the campaign and all the information provided – only joking, we know it’s why you came, in the hope to see your name amongst the list of lucky winners.

Great gamers and a list winners

We know you were actually more interested in having fun with our Jingle Jetpack game than understanding how our Cloud offering, managed by a team of experienced experts, will take the pressure off you and your IT team.

Whether you need Private or Public Cloud, all integrated with your current on-premises resources, we are committed to delivering the perfect Hybrid Cloud and making your life easier; at least at work – your desire to play games for prizes is your own issue to resolve.

Here are the winners, who managed to hit the presents and puddings, whilst avoiding elves and flying deers to grab the top 12 scores and secure themselves a prize.

• Micah Jaggard of Gray Dawes Group
• Aiden Curran of Howden Group
• Dan Thurston of Flint Insurance
• Kevish Puaar of Wanis
• Gareth Parry of Breezemount
• Lisa McDonagh of Borough Engineering services
• Jack Smith of Pareto Law
• Ian Rule of Richmond College Upon Thames
• Claire Seaton of St Brides Church
• Anna-Marie Healy of Haines Watts
• Stephanie Coombes of Hope House Surgery
• Philip Williamson of Emico Limited

Congratulations for all these people who ignored work or family long enough to play Jetpack Jingle at least once (some played it many times – you know who you are!), we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your prize – keeps the suspense going!

It’s good to talk but better to meet

In the meantime, having followed our posts before Christmas, we really do hope you understand that few Cloud service providers have the extensive range of services, breadth of expertise across all disciplines and technology heritage DataQuest Group offer.

When it comes time to upgrade your Cloud services, add a backup, review your managed print contracts, consider a converged telephony solution or look to make your buildings more intelligent, we should be top of the list of numbers you call.

It’s only a few weeks into the new year, but we’re already planning events for later in the year and we look forward to meeting with you soon, virtually, in person or over the phone, to discuss how much simpler we can make your life.

If you can’t wait until we contact you, please call or email our Cloud guru, Chris Baker on 07984 574609 or [email protected] to arrange a meeting and claim your chocolate biscuits – on the fifth day if you need reminding.

Begin your quest today