On the first day of Cloudmas Dataquest Group offered me…

December 3, 2020

A Cloud solution provider

It’s a hackneyed theme we know, using the 12 Days of Christmas to pitch our Cloud services to you, but they’re new and we’re excited about the offering available to you on our next-generation Cloud platform.

We have spent a long time developing this new service, to ensure we are not just repeating the mistakes made by others. The offering has been simplified, which has allowed us to reduce costs without impacting the quality of the service delivered.

Recognising that organisations of all size and complexity now rely on a mix of Cloud solutions to ensure their activities are as effective and efficient as possible, whilst increasing their flexibility to accommodate remote workers, our total Cloud solution answers all the questions posed.

A single hand to shake

We are keen to avoid making Cloud all about the technology. We’ll leave that to others who are unable to make the compelling argument we can, based on the solidity of our business, the experience across a range of business-critical solutions and the fact we’re good people to know.

The Dataquest Group provides technical business services and resources to organisations, helping them easily and seamlessly adopt and integrate complementary technologies that help drive our clients’ businesses forward, safe in the knowledge, one call gets it all.

We understand that as your business strives to thrive, it will only become leaner and more agile, if you invest in technologies that converge, integrate and streamline your processes. And we believe our Group is well-placed to deliver a joined-up approach to solving the many different technological and business process challenges you face.

Individually our Group companies have amassed over eighty years’ expertise in specialist technical disciplines, all available from a single point of access. Ready for you is a large portfolio of resources including; Managed IT Services, Unified communications, Managed Print Services, Managed Cloud Services and Intelligent Buildings.

We have successfully integrated these service offerings to create solutions that combine to deliver everything you need, just as easily as single service like disaster recovery.

Of course, we believe a holistic approach delivers more than the sum of the individual parts and we would love for you to take all our services, but our ethos is, and always has been, give the client what they need, not what is easiest for us to implement.

Our customers benefit by gaining full access to our Group wide expertise, whilst maintaining the convenience of a localised account management team. This approach removes the burden of trying to separately source integrated products from many different partners and service providers. Truly a single had to shake.

Choosing the right Cloud partner isn’t all about technology

When you invest in Cloud and migrate all your data and applications across, your business rests in other people’s hands, in our hands and we never forget that. But you need confidence that the team running your Cloud will be there when you call, that the business is solid and will be around for years to come – at least the length of your contract!

We have spent decades building our business and acquiring new businesses that offer complementary services, to ensure our clients have access to the services they need from a provider they already know, trust and enjoy working with – Dataquest Group is that provider.

We have the technical teams with decades of experience dealing with the latest technology, but more than anything else we have a client-centric approach to helping you solve the challenges you face around data, communications, intelligent buildings and even the print solutions you rely on.

So while hanging our sales pitch off the 12 Days of Christmas might be a bit of stretch and maybe the Nightmare before Christmas would be more appropriate for those not using our Cloud services, but we hope you understand the sentiment and recognise our commitment to our clients.

The next few days will explain a little more about the benefits of a relationship with Dataquest Group and day five is when the good stuff arrives (if you have a sweet tooth), so don’t miss that. And in the meantime, we would welcome the opportunity of starting a Cloud conversation with you soon.