On the fifth day of Cloudmas Dataquest Group offered me…

December 9, 2020

Five chocolate biscuits

Now we get to the good stuff. In the preceding posts we have explained why DataQuest Group should be your preferred partner for Cloud services, detailed our two decades of experience, the Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions available to you and how four copies of your data keeps it safe, but we know your choice of chocolate biscuit is why you’re really here.

Whether it’s the humble Bourbon, introduced in 1910 by Victorian biscuit maker Peek Freans, or a more recent addition to the list of the nation’s favourites like the chocolate Hobnob from McVities, we promise our team will bring them to any meeting you arrange with us.

In fact, given the continued need for social distancing or the fact you’re so used to Teams and Zoom you prefer a quick exploratory chat before a face-to-face, we’ll send them in the post for you to enjoy while we ask our questions.

Few limits but some

There are very few limits to our Cloud services, but even we have to put some limits on your choice of biscuit. That’s right, you get to choose your biscuit, but there are fair use restrictions to those we’ll send or bring to our meeting.

Think supermarket bickie aisle, rather than hand-made cookies, decorated with 23-carat gold, topped with Hershey’s chocolate draped in a gold sheet and sprinkled with gold flakes, sold at Selfridges for £23 each.

If you prefer something a bit left-field, you could choose the popular Wagon Wheel, or maybe an orange chocolate Club, anything really we can deliver in fives – we’re not saying you won’t get five tubes of chocolate Hobnobs if you want to discuss moving your entire estate to our Private Cloud, but think creatively.

Which is a key theme of our technical teams and our in-house Cloud wiseman Chris Baker, who will all listen carefully as you explain your objectives, what works about your current solution and importantly, what could work better.

Then we will devise what we believe to be the perfect Cloud solution, utilising our Private Cloud and integrating with your on-premises resources, or Public Clouds you currently use to deliver a Hybrid Cloud solution that meets your current objectives, with the flexibility to change with you.

Getting creative with Clouds and biscuits

We decided to present the chocolate biscuit as an inducement to engage with us, on the basis it projects the other perhaps more important dynamic in the client/service provider relationship, which is the ability to get along with people and enjoy working with them. And we’re very likeable.

There was a whole spiel worked out about biscuits at heart, being a combination of simple, humble ingredients available to almost everyone, but turned into something magical in the hands of talented experts, as a metaphor for our Private Cloud services.

You know the sort of thing, where the butter represents our datacentres, the eggs our experience, the soft brown sugar our migration services, the flour is our talented team that brings it all together with the cocoa powder and chocolate representing the layers of security protecting your data.

So instead of that, we’ll link to a good recipe to make your own ‘self-managed’ biscuits, but please get in touch if you want some ‘fully managed’ chocolate biscuits and a discussion about the perfect hybrid Cloud solution.

Begin your quest today