Bolstering an Auction House’s Technology

October 23, 2017

How the Partnership Began

Our client is a high-end London-based auction house. They previously had a long-term relationship with a print equipment supplier. More recently they wanted to test the market to see if they could find a better supplier, following the market comparisons Dataquest was awarded the contract to deliver a new fleet of Ricoh multifunctional devices.

How the Partnership Developed

As the auction house was impressed with the above and beyond service and equipment provided by us, they decided to expand the partnership into their mobile communications. Their mobile contract was being provided by Vodafone and there were some aspects of the contract that they wanted to retain. We reworked the contract and kept the elements that the auction house wanted and made improvements in other areas that were causing issues, this included taking ownership of dealing with repairing or replacing damaged phones. Putting this responsibility on Dataquest has saved the IT division countless hours enabling them to deal with other priorities. The number of devices of the contract has increased from 150 to around 175.

The Partnership Extended

The partnership was further extended by the auction house needing IT support. The current skilled IT team they have were doing a fantastic job, they were left stretched during exhibitions which often left them temporarily understaffed. We were therefore given the responsibility to ‘pick up the slack’ and provide an IT support that works entwine with the current IT systems allowing a seamless integration during the exhibition periods.

We have regular interventions by our own specialist IT division allowing a close working relationship understanding both user and business needs at the auction house. From this, we have helped with further improvements and upgrades including the supply of Fibre Ethernet Connections via Colt in their European offices.