Improved performance with less hardware

Business growth will continue to increase demand on storage and processing. And every organisation now knows if it fails to keep up, it will struggle to compete. We bring more than 30 years of managed hosting experience to bear on the challenge and have helped our partners cut their clients hardware costs whilst accelerating deployment.

Virtually everything will improve

Harnessing virtual components will allow your client to reduce the amount of physical equipment they are required to purchase, set-up and maintain, decreasing the physical IT footprint, whilst helping them reduce costs – a genuine win-win. Virtualisation will not only change the way you run your IT operations, but how your people approach their working life, thanks to the way virtualised computing components integrate and overcome the challenge of physical hardware.

By separating the compute environment from the hardware layer with server virtualisation, we will ensure the availability, performance and security of your clients applications, to improve performance throughout their business.

How we help

And when the time is right, we can support the transition to a Private or Hybrid Cloud environment and help:

  •  Reduce physical infrastructure to increase performance and efficiency
  • Cloud-like infrastructure deployment to help avoid delays
  • Host applications in a dedicated environment to better protect data
  • Include backup, recovery and uptime guarantees with agreed SLAs

Best Practice Guidance

The comprehensive review of your clients current server and network architecture by our experienced team is aligned with your business goals and lets you select the best-practice options right for your business.

Full Implementation

We work with to effectively implement the solution and provide support to allow your clients to take full advantage of a virtualised environment and ensure their teams remain hardware independent.

Secure Environment

Our world-class data centres will help maintain compliance, whilst ensuring the delivery of a secure, reliable service to customers, with support on hand if your clients need help with any regulatory compliance requirements.

Responsive Support

We not only provide support to fully embed the new system, but if needed we can deliver ongoing support and expert guidance to improve performance and efficiency.

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