An outsourced help desk you can trust

You know support teams are expensive to train, run and support, so if you are looking to offer a tailored helpdesk to your clients, take advantage of all the time, effort and investment we have already expended and consider offering a white labelled service from Dataquest.

Resolution and reassurance on hand

Business is not only fast-paced and digital, but a completely interconnected ecosystem, where even the smallest problem can ripple through activities and adversely impact productivity and performance. Speed of response and first-time fixes are more critical than ever, given the change in working patterns and the challenge of dispersed workforces.

Diagnosing issues is just the start, with solutions stretching across hardware, software, online infrastructure and beyond. Resolving these issues takes time and the experience that conventional IT teams may lack, but the longer an issue continues, the bigger the logjam. Collaboration stops, workflows are throttled and the effort required to get teams back up to speed increases.

How we help

Our service desk delivers rapid response times, with dedicated professionals ready to step in and step up to resolve every issue impacting your client’s performance. Once we understand your clients’ systems and their business needs, we deliver the remote support office-based or homeworkers need, quickly and efficiently, or get our field engineers on the move to resolve more challenging issues.

Our best-practice solution, which adds value and prevents similar issues occurring again, offers:

  • Service desk available 24/7/365
  • Retention of your own systems
  • Dedicated or shared support
  • SLA’s to match your need

Priority Care

Our client-centric approach helps us understand and triage responses quickly. Our teams can monitor their systems to ensure issues are diagnosed before they become problems, allowing us to intervene and ensure performance is not compromised.

Transparent Pricing

Our White labelled support packages are tailored to your clients exact needs and delivered for an agreed cost, with no sudden surprises or hidden fees.

Comprehensive Support

Our range of core and additional services support your ambition, with support for Cloud solutions, networking and connectivity, ERP system care, cyber security, and more.

Quality Aftercare

Once a deployment is successfully completed, we know there is more needed and we conduct check-ins to confirm everything is working as it should and resolve any teething troubles.

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For further information about our services and products, please get in touch with us, and one of our experts will be able to help get your quest on the way for better business performance.

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