Supercharge your services with a Dataquest Channel Partner Cloud Infrastructure

Our IaaS solution delivers physical or virtual infrastructure managed and maintained by our skilled technicians. Through our consultative process, you and your customer decide the level of resources required, only being charged for what is used on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Scalability and cost

We will quickly scale the services to meet changes in demand, hour by hour if required. Switching from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model allows your customers to free up capital and resources to focus on their core business activities.

An IaaS solution when configured appropriately, can significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs, with Dataquest responsible for the cost of maintaining all the datacentre hardware as a service and ensuring it is available 24/7.

Cloud configured for your clients’ needs

We operate with a Shared Responsibility Model, with the infographic detailing who is responsible for what, in a self-managed environment. The customer can transfer some of the responsibilities to us by taking additional managed services.

By combining our infrastructure with our highly experienced Cloud professionals, we build your clients’ environments in secure, UK-based data centres. We move off-premises some or all of your clients’ resources to increase the agility of their business, whilst saving space, power and resources.

Your customers benefit from the computing resources, storage, networking, servers and virtualisation they need, all delivered through the internet from a trusted service provider, specialising in Cloud technology solutions. All of which makes you look good too.

Our consultative approach ensures a customised hybrid solution that utilises the most appropriate IaaS platforms, configured to reflect the unique requirements and workloads of your customers. Critically, as your clients’ needs evolve, we’re on hand to adapt the solution to reflect those changes.

Our IT infrastructure design teams have a multi-vendor approach, using enterprise-grade hardware to deliver high availability, resilience and secure environments. This ensures your customers, regardless of size, benefit from a Cloud solution typically available only to the largest organisations.

Help your customers achieve greater flexibility and productivity

Our bespoke Cloud solutions allow your customers to do anything previously possible with their on-premises infrastructure, but now with much greater flexibility and with fewer internal resources needed.

Hybrid IaaS solutions are always accessible, so if unexpected events prevent your customer accessing their premises, nothing interrupts their operations. Our IaaS offering can combine with BaaS and DRaaS solutions to enhance business continuity plans, whilst improving agility and lowering costs.

Please get in touch and let us explain how our service will provide IaaS to your clients, earn you revenue, widen your service offering and enhance your relationship with them.

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