Help clients send mail without leaving their desks

The importance of sending high quality outbound customer communications remains as high as it ever has. But preparing all the mailings by hand takes time, requires resources and can become disruptive when volumes peak or unplanned demands occur. An outsourced hybrid mail solution will address the challenge.

Outsource the outbound mailing process

With remote workers and flexible working driving change, there has never been a better time to adopt an outsourced hybrid mail solution that allows essential business mail to be sent without your clients leaving their desks. Imagine the value this type of solution could deliver to your clients all managed by your partner Dataquest.

This innovative solution allows teams to focus on core activities, reduces overhead costs and decreases delivery time by using our unique, outsourced delivery channels. Your clients will also benefit from detailed tracking, with a comprehensive audit trail of the entire process to ensure their documents meet security and compliance requirements.

How We Help

Your clients can manage mailings in the office or remotely and only need an internet connection to upload documents via a user-friendly SaaS application connected to a mail production facility to print, sort, stuff, meter and deliver the mail to the post office, to give:

  • Improved operational performance
  • Faster processing of their invoices
  • Customised and targeted communications
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Better tracking and visibility

Improve Performance

Our experienced team will assess your clients current processes and demonstrate how our Hybrid mail solution allows them to send a single document or a batch of thousands, in just a few clicks - to improve cashflow by not waiting to send invoices in one go.

Customer Engagement

They can personalise documents with targeted messaging for maximum impact to improve customer communications.

Risk Mitigation

State-of-the-art production facilities provide the highest level of security and service, with all your client data transferred using secure shell protocol (SSH) to ensure compliance with privacy rules and regulatory requirements.

Audit Trail

Documents are tracked with a unique identifier that shows real-time status of each communication being prepared for added peace of mind.

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