Backup as a Service (BaaS) from a trusted partner

By leveraging the power of Cloud computing to store files, folders or even the entire contents of a hard drive, you will ensure your clients have a secure safety net to protect their organisations against data loss.

The volume of data organisations generate through their people, platforms, services and networks, grows every day, with little sign of it abating. This makes it ever more important that this data is backed up regularly, so a failure in the system does not lead to loss and disruption.

A quick recovery can be readily achieved, with a BaaS solution from Dataquest Channel Partners. Our tailored solutions are designed to restore laptops, servers, applications and virtual platforms with flexible backup schedules to suit.

The BaaS solutions we provide, offer you increased revenue opportunities, whether you integrate them into the services you are already delivering, or refer your clients to us directly. We are a trusted channel partner, recognised for the long term relationships we build with our clients.

Backed up by our UK based 24/7/365 service desk, our accreditations and best of breed partners can provide a robust BaaS to your clients. Our Channel cloud team provides all the advice, planning and project management to make the process simple, allowing you to use your time more effectively whilst widening your service footprint.

Peace of mind for you and your clients

We make it easy for your clients to take advantage of the agility and resilience offered by Cloud computing to store files, folders or even the entire contents hard drives, with the data backed up over an internet connection, as often as your client requires.

Your clients need off-site storage of their business critical data, as detailed by the 3-2-1- rule, which recommends keeping 3 copies of each piece of data, store on 2 different types of media, with at least 1 copy stored off-site, for complete peace of mind.

Flexible, tailored backup schedules.

Our tailored BaaS solution, remove the need for a large initial capital outlay by you or your clients. Instead we switch them to our ‘pay as you go’ model, which means only paying for the storage space needed, for the corresponding volume of data to be backed up.

BaaS solutions are infinitely and simply scalable, to ensure as a client’s data requirements grow and change, the storage available, expands in proportion. And remember, a single file or document can be retrieved from the backup quickly and easily, without having to trigger a full recovery.

Make data loss a thing of the past

A Dataquest Channel Partners BaaS solution delivers a number of benefits that help your clients address concerns arising from the risk of data loss, corruption or ransom.

  • 50% of data loss incidents are caused by hardware or systems malfunctions
  • 22% of data loss incidents are caused by human error
  • Help prevent clients losing data and enhance your relationship with them
  • Follow the 3-2-1 rule to protect client data and instil confidence
  • Replace expensive, time-consuming and resource-heavy backup methods

Dataquest Cloud and a BaaS solution for the age

  • Utilise Cloud to store files, folders or entire hard drive contents
  • Upload to the Cloud for secure, off-site storage
  • Retrieve single files or documents from the backup quickly and easily without triggering a full recovery
  • Dataquest become responsible for maintaining regular backups, freeing up your valuable resources

Flexible backup schedule to suit needs and budgets

  • Each new backup saves changes to the existing data and adds any new data
  • Everything happens automatically, without users giving it any attention or time
  • Scheduled at regular intervals, at a convenient time; every hour, every day, close of business or middle of the night
  • Removes the need to rotate and manage tapes or hard disks, whilst remembering to remove some offsite

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